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Thanks to Kim Gandy for 36 Years of Service to NOW

By Lisa Bennett, Communications Director

Kim Gandy
Gandy applauds the 1996 Supreme Court
ruling that Virginia Military Institute
must admit women.

NOW President Kim Gandy has served as a national officer in our organization for an unparalleled 22 years. She held leadership positions at the state, local and regional levels in Louisiana for 14 years prior to her move to Washington, D.C. in 1987. Because of term limits, Kim will be leaving the office of president this summer, but there is no doubt that she will remain a steadfast friend of NOW and a champion of women's equality.

Kim Gandy
Gandy, with daughter Cady in front of
the Capitol, speaks to the record crowd
of 1.15 million at the April 25, 2004,
March for Women's Lives.

For the last eight years, Kim had the unenviable position of leading NOW, the NOW Foundation and the NOW Political Action Committee during, quite possibly, the worst years for women's and civil rights since NOW's founding in 1966. While it's unfortunate that the Gandy years had to coincide with the Bush years, it is hard to imagine anyone more capable and eager to stand up to Dubya. Gandy took on Bush from the moment she was elected president in 2001, and she made darn sure that she and the organization she led never backed down from a challenge.

Kim Gandy
Gandy and NOW demonstrate against hate
crimes outside the Department of Justice
on Feb. 14, 2001.

Trying to sum up Kim's considerable contributions to NOW is a daunting task that is better suited to a book, or two or three. In preparation for this article, I sifted through NOW's extensive collection of photos of Kim, taken at press briefings, marches, hearings, vigils, protests, conferences -- every kind of event you can imagine. I remain impressed, but not surprised, at the breadth of issues these photos represent, and the commitment, determination and passion that Kim displays in each one of them.

Kim Gandy
Gandy, daughter Max, and local actvists
protest Wal-Mart's treatment of its workers
outside a store in Columbia, Md.,
in September 2004.

Show, don't tell, writers are instructed. So, rather than type up an endless list of achievements, here are just a few of our favorite photos of Kim Gandy during her tenacious and inspiring tenure at NOW. We are sad to see her go, and it is unfortunate that Kim has to leave NOW just as the sun begins to rise again on the struggle for our rights. But wherever her fortune takes her, the feminist movement will always have an ally in Kim.

Kim Gandy
Gandy speaks to activists and the
media during a protest of George
W. Bush's signing of the "Partial Birth
Abortion" Procedure Ban
on Nov. 5, 2003.
Kim Gandy
Gandy rallies for affirmative action
at the Supreme Court on Dec. 4, 2006.


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