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Love Your Body Day - Oct. 18

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2001 Love Your Body Day Activities, Events and Praise

Angela, Springfield, Mont.
Working with the City Wellness Coordinator in promoting event for city employees and their families.

Carson-Newman College Women's Organization, Jefferson City, Tenn.
Campus workshop, creating artwork, making T-shirts and wearing them on LYBD

Christina, Alexandria, Va.
I think that this whole idea is great! I love it that there is an actual day with which we can love our bodies! THANK YOU! THIS IS SO AWESOME! YAH*YAH* FOR LOVING YOUR BODY!

Cleveland Feminist Theatre group, Cleveland, Ohio
"Body Outlaws" — a group of monologues staged as a reading where women discuss where they have had problems and overcome issues with their bodies, heritage, etc.

Continuum Bodywork, Flagstaff, AZ
Massage in the park, dancing troupes

Georgia State University, Atlanta, Ga.
Pass out info on body image, nutrition, eating disorders, fat oppression, the dangers of dieting, yoga demonstration, information on vegetarianism/veganism

Marjorie Geter, Newark, N.J.
Table and speakers for students at Essex County College

Mel Gordon-Calabrese, Great Barrington, Mass.
My college is planning to gather where people can share their stories and do art projects!

Governor's Commission on the Status of Women in Illinois
E-mail editors of local and major newspapers and magazines to help spread our message

Heather Grace, Kentwood, La.
I'm going to make little posters and at our rally today I will hand them out...they will say love are beautiful.

Greater Bangor NOW, Brewer, Maine
JoAnne Dauphinee's 3 Act Play on body image, fat myths, diet myths and so on will be performed at the University of Maine. We will involve students, have Q & A. Co-sponsors will include the Women's Resource Center.

Marcee Harris, San Francisco, Calif.
Plan a clothing drive for women to get rid of old clothes that they are waiting to fit into and give them to a battered women's shelter.

Elona Horner Holdhusen, Atlanta, Ga.
Roundtable discussion — images of women in the media, holistic breast and facial care, tabling with information re: body image, etc.

Theresa Hossenlopp, St. Louis, Mo.
Share materials with my plus-size social group.

ICSQ, Lori Schrader Bachar, Des Moines, Iowa
I am the letter of our newsletter, which reaches over 8,600 individuals and organizations across Iowa. I plan to put something in the September newsletter about LYBD.

Jeannie Kerns, Leisure, Fla.
Featuring your cause on the front page of my online magazine "Beautiful Women"

Janine Kwasny, Women's Center, East Stroudsburg, Pa.
Reserved the café on campus to show a video on a big screen tv, poetry reading, discussion

Linda Laferriere, ECSU Women's Center, Willimantic, Conn.
Speaker to address advertising. Challenge the advertising and arts classes to create an ad for us to use for this particular day that depicts women in positive ways. Create awareness posters to hang in dorms and around campus that emphasize and celebrate women as individuals of all ethnic backgrounds and sizes, shapes and uniqueness! The posters will be a permanent reminder that women are human beings and we should all support each other. Display professional women artists that depict women in a positive manner.

Mary Baldwin College/SOULS, Staunton, Va.
Last year we sponsored a Love Your Body lunch with the dining hall. We had an information table and tons of handouts during lunch and dinner. Also, we had aerobics/nutrition sessions in the evening and a special dance workshop at night. We advertised all over campus and in campus mailboxes. This year we will do the lunch and info tables as well as advertising. Hopefully the aerobics. We will also a video at our lunch table. I hope we can add more things!

Rose Mignano, Lincoln City, Ore.
Wall-sized feminist collage — change the meaning, body image workshop.

Khadijah O. Miller, Rosemont, Pa.
This will be our second observance of Love Your Body Day. Last year we watched films provided by NOW and engaged in mini-discussions on the issues surrounding body image — from thin to obesity; cultural issues attached and self-image and self-esteem. We plan to do the same, as well as post a bulletin board of body images that we respect and love — hopefully they will be of ourselves.

Milwaukee NOW
Protest, video showing, information table

Keisha Moses, Wellston, Ohio
Me and my friends are going to give each other makeovers and lay around in sweats and eat junk food all day.

Brok Montgomery, Bedford, Texas
I teach 6th grade girls and boys who have, undoubtedly, been affected by the negative images girls and women have been led to believe they should resemble. I would love any materials you could send to help me educate against these harmful images of society's idea of female beauty.

Carol Orzel, Philadelphia, Pa.
Spreading the's important to know how to be treated and to love yourself!, Austin, Texas
Group guided meditation to link the ideas of loving your body and obtaining inner calm.

Red Hen Productions, Cleveland, Ohio
Staged reading from Ophira Edut's book "Body Outlaws" (a collection of essays about women's body image) will be performed and materials in support of NOW's Love Your Body Day will be available at all performances.

Mark Robertson, Sturgeon Falls, Ontario, Canada (Welcome Canada!)
A unit presentation is planned for LYBD within the classroom. This presentation will be aimed at high school students as part of a lesson in the deconstruction of the media and the harmful effects the media can cause.

Carol Schmitt, RN, De Soto, Ks.
I would love to make a display of Loving Your Body in my health room (high school) and include the materials in my lessons on health and sexuality.

Saundra Smith, Athens, Ga.
I want to publicize LYBD at the high school level. I am a counseling intern at the elementary and high school level.

Southern Connecticut State University Women's Center, Marisa Ferrarese, New Haven, Conn.
Speaking out to students on the negative media images of women.

j-9 Sunshine, Stroudsburg, Pa.
My sister-in-law Jessica Guy told me how she won the poster contest and how important it is to love me for me and not what others want me to be. I want to do my part too!

Sunspirit Wellness Services, Fountain Hills, Ariz.
Event in Fountain Park hosted by women-owned health-related businesses, a personal training/wellness coach for women, psychotherapist who treats eating disorders. Pass out information and materials pertaining to respecting our bodies and examining the myths that lead women to engage in destructive behaviors that end up damaging their bodies and their health. Open to the public.

Students for Wymyn & Gender Studies (SWAGS), University of Missouri-Kansas City, Kansas City, Mo.
We are having an art exhibit complete with body casting for all wymyn, we are showing DreamWorlds II and facilitating a discussion of body image. We are taking pictures of people's favorite body parts. We have invited local high school grrls.

Nicole Trammel, Boise, Idaho
Tabling with presentation/information about negative/positive body images — petitions to sign, etc. Also an evening with the women's center sponsoring a movie and snacks of all kinds, followed by a discussion about media images ans how they shape the way we see ourselves.

Pat Tetreault, Lincoln, Neb.
A speaker, video, and printed materials with information. Litter bags imprinted with the LYBD logo and maybe have a quote on them (we wanted reusable cloth bags - funding).

Thurston County NOW, Olympia, Wash.
Event with speakers - young woman fighting anorexia, her feminist therapist, and a workshop on dissecting media ads by Nancy Garcia.

United Grrrl Front, Sioux Lookout, Ontario, Canada (Welcome Canada!)
Love Your Body Day Celebration activities - information booth, music and singing, muralpainting, poster making

University of Wisconsin Superior Women's Resource Center, Superior, Minn.
Video review and seminar.

West Chester University Wellness Center, Wilmington, Del.
Workshops, "Still Killing Us Softly," a film by Jean Kilbourn. Women will trace their bodies on newsprint and hand them in the student union.

Wichita State Women's Studies Scholars and Allies, Wichita, Kan.
Film presentation: "Beyond Killing Us Softly," Booth: Body Image, Display: Collage of all body types as beautiful.

Sara Wilcox, Arlington, Va.
I will be speaking about LYBD and its meaning at my Women and Public Policy class in Washington, D.C. I will celebrate at home with my three roommates.

Williamsport NOW, Williamsport, Pa.
"Dancing Naked in Your Living Room," a lighthearted look on how to live in our bodies, learn to accept our bodies and will be offered ways to build self-esteem.

Wittenberg University Voices, Springfield, Ohio
Speaker, t-shirts, campus awareness

Women's Center, William Paterson University, Wayne, N.J.
Ask area health organizations to join with us in healthful demonstrations, giveaways and exhibits, blood pressure screenings, body painting, display of offensive ads.

Women's Law Caucus, San Diego, Calif.
Meeting on campus of Calif. Western School of Law to Promote Awareness.

Every Day is Love Your Body Day!
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